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Franck Sismondini Rougier is a composer, director and music producer of Italian origin, born in Menton on June 2nd, 1966.

Following a conservatory classical training ( counterbass), he pursues his studies in Jazz at Monaco Academy (Bass and harmonics).

He performs on stage with numerous bands. He discovers himself a strong interest ( passion for) Electronic music and studio he decides to dedicate himself to music writing and production.

In 1998, he signs with Universal publishing.

He’s worked in collaboration with Nâdiya, Julie Zenatti and Christophe Willem  since then he has won a large discographic success.



Fervent cinema lover and great fan of movie soundtracks, he has for several years now turned himself towards synchro. 

He has composed with his long time friend and collaborator Alain Governatori for Patrick Spica productions numerous amount of titles for shows such as : Enquête Exclusive66 MinutesZone Interdite, and so on.


In parallel to his career as music producer and director , he created in 2008, his own label : Dream’up Label .

He produces many talents and met a large success in Electro Swing producing artist Dimie Cat with whom he has composed and directed several albums and singles (including the following): Pin Me Up, ZigZag, Glam, Ping Pong, Triple A, La voiture, Montagne Russe, Le poulpe…

In 2014, Dimie Cat’s album :  Once upon a dream has been produced by the Japanese label : Rambling Records.



In 1998 he signs with Universal Publishing then links with and creates Unit Music. He also collaborates with Sony BMG, Columbia, Jive Epic, Mercury under the pseudonym 6 Mondini,  to compose, direct and remix  albums and singles such as 16/9, Nâdiya, La boite pandore, Déclaration, Princesse-Tango, Mon tout…

He works in collaboration with  artists including Nâdiya, Julie Zenatti, Clara Morgane, Christophe Willem, Buzy, One-T, Matthew Raymond Barker…


Soundtracks & Ads

Many of his titles have been chosen as movie soundtracks : La Boite, Claude Zidi « Use me now », Disco, Fabien Onteniente « September&Heartbreaker remix » Possessions, Eric Guirado « Princesse-Tango ».


Jive epic calls him to co-compose et co-direct the soundtrack of TV series" Chante " (season 2,3 and 4).

In 2013, he signs to commercial contracts with the title Ping Pong for the brands Aperol and Chicken Run avec Le gaulois.

In 2016, He co-composes the soundtrack for TV Serie : Commissariat central on channels M6, W9 for KABO Family.



Téléphone : +33 6 60 34 95 38


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